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It was summer and the sun shine above the small village Barrit. The grass and trees were greener than ever. Not a single cloud was to see on the blue sky.
    Mr and Mrs Widmore had just arrived to their manor in Barrit after spending three weeks in London with Mr Widmore's sister and her family.
    The horse carriage stopped in front of the manor's front door. The Butler, Mr Darell and the housekeeper, Miss Fitch stood out on the courtyard waiting for the Widmore's to step out of the carriage.
     Besides Mr Darell and Miss Fitch, the rest of the servants; maids and lackeys – were all together out on the courtyard to wel-come home their lordship and ladyship.
    Mr and Mrs Widmore grew out of the carriage. Mr Darell walked towards them and bow.
    "Mr Widmore, Mrs Widmore."
    "Ah, Mr Darell."
    "Sir. Your journey was pleasant, I presume?"
    "Indeed it was, indeed it was. And I presume everything is in order here?"
    "Of course it is, my lord, of course it is."
    "Good, good. Oh, before I forget, Miss Widmore and Miss Emily Widmore have decided to stay in London few days more. They will arrive Friday evening. One of my sister's lackeys will drive with them." Mr Widmore and his wife had begun the short walk to the house. The lackeys had already taken their luggage.
    "Oh, I have misted Barrit Manor," said Mrs Widmore and smiled to her husband as they walked through the great door.
    "So have I my dear. It is very pleasant to live a place outside of the city. There is no place quieter, than here," smiled Mr Widmore.
I've wanted to write a story in the Jane Austen style for a while and I came up with this. It's only a taste of the story but I'll add more within a hour :-)
twifanjacob11 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student General Artist
First, I would like to say how much I loved you describing the scenery. It seemed so pleasant and delightful. The only criticism I have is about a little thing I noticed in the grammar. Whenever writing and you're saying Mr. or Mrs., always add a period after it. Like this: Mrs.
elizabeth4life Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012   Artist
Thank you SO much! :-D
yea, wasn't sure about that ... but thanks - I'll do that from now on! :-)
twifanjacob11 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student General Artist
No problem!
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